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Special Section Included in The Squirter's Guide:

  • Instantly learn the difference between Urinating and Female Ejaculating and how to control both before it happens!
  • When you squirt, you are actually prone to expelling both urine and ejaculatory fluid, because although men have a valve that automatically constricts to prevent both urine and seminal fluid from flowing simultaneously during sex; women don't and have to learn to control the process manually. With the right technique as described in the Squirters Guide and a little practice it's easy!
  • Learn exactly how to minimize the chances of peeing and maximise and control the release of squirting fluid which has NO embarrassing bad smell and does NOT stain bedsheets!
  • Find out exactly how to teach your body to time and separate squirting ejaculations from both vaginal and clitoral orgasms.
  • Teach your body how to manage the feeling of building up squirting pressure, similar to an unexperienced person to peeing pressure and learn how to recognize the subtle differences and squirt, not pee!
  • Repeated squirting is actually even easier to achieve than multiple orgasms with the correct technique, your body will activate its dormant glands and give you the power to far out-ejaculate any male!
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Just a Quick FREE sample of Scientific Facts, straight from the Squirter's Guide:

Special Section Included in The Squirter's Guide:

  • 15-30% of the female's ejaculate fluid is expelled from two very small duct openings between the urethra and the vagina (bilaterally), called the External Meatuses of Skene's Ducts.
  • These duct openings are normally closed and sometimes hard to see for someone who doesn't know exactly where to find them. Learn how to see them instantly, which exact movements stimulate them to open up and you will discover the "gushing" part of ejaculating, where fluid "flows" from the woman rather than squirting forcefully. This happens sometimes by accident, usually when the woman is on top during vigorous, prolonged sex.
  • Most of a woman's squirting ejaculate fluid (70-85%, depending on the woman) is expelled from the urethra (the same place where her pee comes out), but it is NOT urine. The fluid empties via what are called the Internal Meatuses of Skene's Ducts into the urerthra inside the body, similarly to how seminal fluid empties into the male urethra, but is not related to the bladder or urine.
  • The internal duct openings are most relaxed after prolonged stimulation and hence at a later stage of sexual play. The Squirter's Guide teaches in graphic detail the best method to open these ducts and allow for the release of squirting ejaculate fluid either with or without orgasm!
  • These ducts are responsible for the forceful, projectile squirting of a woman, as opposed to both normal vaginal fluid "wetness" and external duct "gushing". This response can happen accidentally to some women, but the Squirter's Guide shows how you can make any woman achieve and gradually improve on this ability at will!
  • The fluid expelled is analogous to the male's prostatic fluid, one component of seminal fluid. It has a subtle fragrance, different from normal vaginal exretions. It is more watery and does not stain bedsheets.
  • Production of squirting fluid occurs in the Skene's Glands, also known as the Paraurethral Glands. They are located around the urethra and are analogous to the male's prostate gland.
  • Women report controlled squirting ejaculation as extremely pleasurable and a "masisve release of sexual tension", both independently and in conjunction with orgasm. Women tend to remember their first squirting experience more vividly than their first orgasm or first time having sex.
  • The amount and forceful projection of squirting is variable amongst different women, and the Squirter's Guide shows exactly how to maximise the potential of any woman!
5 Quick Sex Facts
That Should Scare You:

There are plenty of other
disturbing facts and figures
(you can do the research yourself
if you like on Google).

What's a guy to do?
Why aren't women enjoying sex?

  • A recent Redbook survey shows that 92% of women have faked an orgasm at some point with a regular partner and they are certain the man doesnt realize it. Furthermore, 52% of women in the US fake orgasms on a regular basis.
  • Only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sex (Durex Global Sex Survey).
  • 43% of women report "some kind of sexual problem" -- like inability to achieve orgasm, boredom with sex, or total lack of interest in sex.
  • 80% of women surveyed say they would rather cuddle than have sex.
  • 78% of women have never consciously squirted, but WISH THEY COULD EXPERIENCE IT. Out of these, 74% have heard of the squirting experience directly from a friend or acquaintance. 16% of all women recall having gushed or squirted involuntarily at some point, but are unable to control it and fear urinating as an unwanted outcome. Less than 3% of all women squirt regularly and those who do almost universally value it as one of the most enjoyable and cherised sexual functions they are capable of.

When a woman comes HARD she will be biologically hardwired to be sexually attuned to you forever, she has no conscious choice in the matter.

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she started soaking the bed and squirting me
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Dear Mr Alexander,

I nearly divorced my wife of 12 years, because I felt that she had sold me a false bill of goods, pretending to be all sexy and horny all the time, in order to get me to marry her, and then becoming a total icy cold, prude once our son was born.

Out of total desperation, and a deep need to get laid, I started using some of the techniques that you teach in the Squirter's Guide, just some of the simple and easy beginner methods, and "Boom," she actually started gushing fluids like she never had before in her life. She loved it, and she wanted to do it more and more until she started soaking the bed and squirting me down like a hose!

Our sexlife is reinvigorated, it's a total 180 degree turn around for us, and we are very, very thankful for what you have done for our marriage relationship and sex life together. Thank you!

- Oscar W, Athens, GA

I now have a reputation at the office for being the guy who makes the ladies squirt

Hey there,

I never really have had much luck with sex books and tips off the internet before. They never usually take the time to explain the "WHY" and "HOW," so much as just dumping the "Where" and "When" on you.

You bring it all together in a complete package that covers all the necessary information, and the psychology behind it all, and it just makes sense, for the first time ever, because what you guys provide, actually WORKS!!! I now have a reputation at the office for being the guy who makes the ladies squirt!!!!

What more needs to be said. Something available so inexpensively on the internet that even part time staff like me can afford to indulge in the delicacies that the rich dudes are getting on a regular basis. You guys rock, cause you even out the playing field, and even guys like me can compete with the "richies" because now I know what I'm doing, and the chicks dig that and want more and more of what I have to offer them, and it ain't bucks, or a nice car, believe me!

I'm in Humping Heaven now, and it's all thanks to the Squirters Guide,

You Rock!!!

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he plays with me like a new toy

Two days. That's how long it took my husband to become a sexual animal again after he got the Squirter's Guide and made me experience the sensation of physically coming on him for a change. I'm 49 years old, so we weren't totally sure it would be possible for me to squirt even a little bit. But now I feel like a teenager again and he plays with me like a new toy. I'm loving it!

- Joan S, Peoria, IL

She looked at me afterwards with eyes I havent seen for a loooong time


Just finished reading your book. I was able to bring my wife to a shuddering wet climax last night thanks to you! She looked at me afterwards with eyes I havent seen for a loooong time.

Thanks for the advice,

- Brian R, Iowa USA

"I wish someone had told me this stuff as a teenager!"

Man, I'm not even finished with this book, and I've learnt a lifetime worth of stuff. Your sections on heightened physical preparation and your concept of simultaneous tension and relaxation only are worth 100 times the cost of what I paid, nevermind the actual squirting stuff! Man, I wish someone told me this stuff as a teenager. Maybe then I would have had the balls to approach more women.

Thanks A Bunch,

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sex is the best glue in a relationship

Just wanted to thank you very much for the incredible material you provide for your readers. When you said that "sex is the best glue in a relationship" you weren't lying! Having sex with my woman using the techniques that you show in your book and getting her to squirt on the first try has made me a lover a HUGE notch above the other men my current girlfriend has dated (by the way she is VERY HOT!). Again, Thanks for everything!

- Matt V, USA

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I wasn't sure that I should buy the Squirters Guide for my boyfriend, but I'm writing this to you just after having the most tremendous orgasm of my entire life. I completely soaked his bed and he loved it. He read the book and IT WORKS. Our sex life is better than I ever thought possible and I am more satisfied than I've ever been.

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Great book, and I really learnt loads. Somehow, since making the first girl squirt, Ive ended up with a reputation amongst all the girls and I am having more sex than most of the guys in my year at the university all because of your book.

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